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We are Elaine and Iain and we’re always inspired by our local and national trails, exploring beautiful scenery and connecting with like-minded individuals really motivates the pair of us.

Elaine Collins

Elaine Collins

Hello I'm Elaine Collins

A 40 something year old mum with a passion for Running, Mountains and Food!

I feel at home and at one with the world when I am at the summit of a mountain or running outside in the elements.

Fitness came into my life around 9 years ago when I finally picked up enough courage to join a local gym and visit..... alone! A couple of years later, I found a local outdoor strength class and with the support and encouragement of the group, I trained for and completed my first ever event - a 10k obstacle course. This is where my passion for running began!

Since then my own fitness goals have been pushed, smashed and reset further than I ever imagined. This has mainly been down to knowledge, a positive mindset and support from friends and family.

Food is another passion in my life and try to eat to nourish my body so it can take me on as many mini adventures as possible. I love to pass on what I have learned about nutrition to my son, family and anyone else that asks!

I thrive on supporting people with their goals by any means I can and believe with the right mindset anything is possible! Because of this I am now English Altletics qualified Coaching Assistant and am working towards becoming a Coach in Running Fitness.

Life is an adventure and something to be grateful for every day.

It's been great to see how our little business has taken off so quickly despite the restrictions that have been in place this year.

I already feel like I have made some friends for life, people who understand the passion, joy and love I have for the outdoors.